Kenichi Kasamatsu


A dance team established in March 2018. Stay up to date with our latest and upcoming performances, video shoots, and more!


aKompany consists of dancers that have known one another for years, others meeting each other as recent as 2018. Every single person in aKompany is not only just talented and passionate about dance, but are also amazing souls that strive for each other to better as a person as much as a dancer. Despite us knowing coming from different places and cities, the way we connect in classes, rehearsals, dinners really tie us together. We each have a different living situation and have different long terms goals but we think it's safe to say that for now our goal is to do our best on this path we've all made possible for each other. Let us never give up.

Through art we share, and through sharing we be a (p)art.
— Kenichi Kasamatsu

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